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Skoolkam Secure media capture for schools

Skoolkam allows teachers to use their own devices to safely and securely to capture school related media, saving this media onto a secure, encrypted cloud location controlled by the school’s data controller. It’s safe, quick easy and convenient.

How it works


All teachers safely download skoolkam to capture any school media (pictures/video). Teachers need the roll number and a unique school id to do so. This is GDPR compliant and secure.

Cloud Storage

Any media collected will be sent straight to a secure, encrypted folder on the schools preferred cloud storage provider which can only be accessed by that teacher and the data controller.


Images/video/media NEVER saves onto the device ensuring that in the event of the device being stolen there are no images in the wrong hands.

Ease of use

The only work on a teacher is to name/tag the images afterwards which is also a function of the app to make it as easy as possible on teachers to name and tag media quickly.

Accessible Data

If the school has a Subject access request (SAR) the school will very easily and quickly be able to find data on the students and satisfy the request.

Data Protection Policy

Implementing this solution into your school is simply a matter of referencing it on your data protection and AUP policies.

Privacy and GDPR

As teachers and educators ourselves, we know the importance that teachers place on being able to capture those key moments by picture or video. Doing this safely is important.

Skoolkam’s ensures that the school data controller is in control at all times. Student data protection is vital and protecting student privacy is the ultimate goal of GDPR in education. We have worked closely with and have generated detailed risk analysis culminating in a DPIA (data protection impact assessment) which we share with each data controller.


Why not try skoolkam out for free in your school? We’re offering schools a 30-day free trial to test and try out our full range of features. We’re confident you will love it!

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